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Washaway Beach orange chair

Giant waves rise out of the Pacific, tearing houses off their foundations and trees out of the ground. “Hundred-year storms” happen every year or two. Gun turrets from World War II fill with seawater and become pools for seals and dogs.  It sounds like an apocalyptic global warming scenario, but Washaway Beach has been this way for over a hundred years.

The area known as Cape Shoalwater was once a thriving destination between Seattle and Portland.  It began falling into the ocean in the late 1800’s.  No one knows exactly why it began eroding but it has persisted, averaging 150 feet per year.  Now four square miles of coastline have vanished earning the place its nickname, “Washaway Beach.”  It is recognized as one of the fastest eroding places in our hemisphere and as that rarity, affordable beach property, I could not resist investing myself.

The beach decorates itself with monuments to the foiled hand of man.  There is a terrible beauty to be found in the graveyard of ever-changing relics.  This is a place where nature prevails.